Our story


Healing is a simple matter of  asking the right questions. 
Who the fuck are you?

“Who do you want to be?” Questions to ask your Intuition and gain a fresh perspective to assess and tweak your life.

We are two autistic women who don’t care for the phrase “life coach” It sounds like paying to get a seat with the cheer squad. We like to think we are the Bad Girls lunch table, helping you gain the confidence to fearlessly chase your heart’s wildest dreams.

We had to learn emotional intimacy through decades of research after being born unable to label our current emotional state or even express it healthfully.

In our work we favor perception, intuition, education and wit.
Its important not being afraid to snark playfully and laugh at the ridiculous, and overly serious spiritual. The Universe has a sense of humor too..

We are raw and vulnerable with our healing journey.
Our writing is not a plate of cookies in Barbies pink mansion, our comic can be twisted, demented and dark sometimes.  Because real life isn’t always pretty.
We are not going to speak in ValleyGirl vocal fry and try to make you envious that if you blow a wad (of cash) you can become exactly like us.

Counterfeit is best left to designer labels~

We are biting, snarky and we bleed all over the pages because we want to inspire and trip that minefield of subconscious fears, pains and trauma that might be fucking up your mindset and keep you from living whole hearted and manifesting your success.
Let our painful memories become your healing syllabus. Let our twisted humor be your guide to finding the dark comedy that is a traumatized life. 
You will like working with us if you are intelligent, witty, savvy and do not want to be spoon-fed flattery and chased for your money like sharks after blood.
We only want to work with you if you are worth our time.
For us that translates to a dry sense of humor and curiosity, intellect and passion.
Maybe you just want a bit of help working things out with an objective party to cut down on the probability of self delusion and blind spots to which anyone can fall prey.
All possess a duality that can be tapped into whether it be magnetizing the right partner or baring your teeth when needed.
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