I smarter than this website.

I have no idea how to edit a site.  I am more of a computer tech and have been building them, repairing and cleaning viruses since the 1990’s.

I apologize for what a fucking mess this appears for the moment.

I truly am a professional, I have been trained in trauma hypnotherapy and similar pursuits.  I am a true intuitive, I will strike up a conversation with random strangers all over the globe and start telling them their lives sometimes or seeing certain talents or gifts in them right off.

I have been doing this intuitive-healing work pro-bono since my teens while working on other business endeavors and now I feel a pull to go professional with my business partner.


Creating a website is a pain in the ass.



I want people to invest in themselves, I want to help change their lives.  I did not charge because I had a life of abundance and lived more than comfortably.   I am so much happier living simply.

However, its time to go bigger as I am divorced (Not a tragedy) and supporting my grandmother.  We were uncomfortable with the thought of not giving back appropriately and also plan to donate a percentage of our income to a dream we have of starting a children’s home for abused trauma survivors.

When we ignore our fearful subconscious emotions we get fucking shackled by them.  No matter how many pretty words we speak over ourselves, Also victim blaming or saying you attracted your abuse from the universe because you needed to learn a “lesson” is utter bullshit.  The temporary dopamine rush from the flattery and falsely promised insta-riches, instant healing and your hearts desire handed on a silver platter if you speak nice words is alluring.  But untrue.

Your hearts prayer gets answered by the supernatural realm because it works in a strange energy begets energy coding into the universe by what you truly put your Heart’s powers towards, Not hopeful recitations that you do not feel with your whole heart  because of sabotage by soul wounds your inner child self carries.

Children passionately feel all things.  It is important we stay in touch with our inner child (HEART) and know what it is we truly feel and want out of life, out of people, relationships, careers, dreams.  Otherwise we self sabotage simply by aching for the very opposite of what we tell ourselves we should want or be feeling and strive for in vain.

I started my journey trying to heal from severe abuse and trauma fifteen years ago when one day my intuition told me to write my child self a letter.


Healing and reprogramming your coding is a process.   Getting in touch with your inner child, nurturing it and helping that creative, artistic, playful innocent joyful side inside you who is all heart and emotions is crucial to having a whole hearted life.

The body does not deliver you of your pain just because you recite pretty sentences or distract and numb trying to deny, suppress, repress and ignore it by using materialism, goods, totems of your desirability or outer means as a balm for your heart.

You need to face your fears and not just live in denial letting your emotions rule you.  We aren’t totally free until we remember they exist and face the little gremlins our wounded young child inside turned into boogymen.





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