Autistic people like me love dossiers. They make understanding someone tangible.


Eye color: whiskey
Occupation: Self-development consultant who utilizes strategic Intuitive mind/body work.

worst Job:   a janitor in an office building where the jackasses would lock the other woman and I in the bathroom trying to be flirtatious.
* * *
Who do you live with? Two wild women, a jet black ninja and the white Garfield.
Have you ever lived in another country? Yes
What languages do you speak? I am purposefully forgetting my lessons.

* * *
Describe yourself in five words: knowledgeable, defiant, playfully violent, feral, intense, intuitive
How would others describe you in five words? depends on who they are. I don’t put much thought into how I am seen.

None really, until someones offended and thinks I am a bitch.
Are you a task oriented person or a people oriented person? Task but I do love to hear peoples stories. I am told I can be
interrogative and it seems like I have little dossiers. I do, they give me a picture of a person as a whole. I get to piece them together, They are each a rubiks cube to solve and understand. I look at people including myself as a species to classify and write a research paper in my head to gain empathy.

* * *
Do you have brothers and sisters? How many, older/younger? Too many I am oldest.
Are you married or single? Attached
(Single) What is the profile of the wife/husband you would marry? standards so high to classify would be impossible. Ha!
No children of my own.

* * *
Person you’re closest to:My cat, and a beast
Who has/had the most influence in your life? The Library.
What kind of people do you like? Curious, witty playful learners who are kind.
What kind of people do you not like? pretentious twats. If you have to wear a mask, stay away from me.

I have a tendency to see through people, to dig beneath their skin and try to find the truth of them, to get intuitions for their lives and also to ask pointy horrible questions to figure out whether you are wounded, insincere, truly altruistic, etc

* * *
What did you get in trouble for, when you were a kid? Having a mind of my own and never having the sense to cry, ask for mercy, permission or not realize I was not 30 at 5.
Did you ever run away from home? Yes, I had a map lined out for the 72 mile hike to my grandmothers from “Up north” We got several streets away when my brother bitched out and told on me. I was in third grade and escaping with good reason.

Were you considered popular in high school? Why or why not? Well respected, friends with every “letter crowd” I was just as at home with the boys from chess club as I was a football party. The chess club interested me more. Being liked for purely aesthetic purposes has always bored the fuck out of me. My favorite highschool memory is skipping a homecoming something or other to watch Monty Python, the bond series and more with the geeky boys from different grades. They were my kindred spirits. I was “a popular girl” but I often found myself scolding them for acting like bitches.

means= no awareness or care about how I am perceived and rarely embaressed.

* * *
What are your hobbies?Fighting, stripping ~pole dance, sculpting, painting, music, films, writing.
What do you like to cook?italian, mexican, chinese, anything. I am a damn good cook now.
What are your talents?The Arts in general, I have written plays, performed, was a dancer, taught it, tennis, volleyball.
Do you play any instruments? Which one(s)? I used to play some piano.
What are you good at? (cooking/swimming/etc) redundant. Swimming too.
What do you like to do in your free time?yoga, meditate, read, workout. I miss fighting.
How do you unwind? Fighting, naps. cleaning
What are you most afraid of physically and emotionally? that last word. Nothing scares me physically. I have no sense of self pres when it comes to dangerous situations, heights or normal people fears.

It used to be if you asked me how I felt about something and I would clam up and hide for weeks, or years. Sometimes it takes that long to figure out what I am feeling but my handy dandy feelings wheel helped until I became more self aware and mindful.

What are your flaws? I am obsessed with the truth, I will blow up anything trying to find it sometimes. Its unwise. I need to understand “why” to everything and my obsession with the truth and the word “why” and my attempts to classify, map and sketch out a well rounded answer– drove both ex husbands nuts. Knowing why gives me peace and I don’t care who goes nuts from it. its for me not them.

* * *
Meal: right now, Barbecue chicken, Avocado,  mediterranean omelette- hollandaise, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, oven fries, sausage links and melons.

To cook= Spinach,  steak alfredo, or jalepeno poppers.
Breakfast: eggs, sausage, fruit, oven fries. I dislike bread carbs.
Pizza topping: meat, meat, meat. I hate pizza and red sauce and will only touch P.Hut.
Salad Dressing: homemade french or any “good ranch”
Type of eggs: over medium.. all salads must have hardboiled. One of my rules.
Popcorn Topping :I usually dislike popcorn but if I have jr mints- then butter, a bit of salt.
Drink: chocolate milk mixed with white.
.For alcohol: Beer and whiskey sours, Apple pie moonshine
Dessert:Strawberry shortcake with homemade biscuits, Fudgy devil’s food buttercream cake
Cake flavor:devils
Type of pie:pecan or apple with icecream.
Type of ice cream:choc mint

* * *
Bird: Parrots. Crows, Ravens
Fish: bettas and lionfish, sea horses.
Gemstone: emerald
Flower: Hyacinth, Red roses~,
Smell: The sidewalk after it rains, delicious pipe tobacco or cigars.
Color: greens, blues
Word: enchantment
Quote:Each friend represents a new world in us,  A world that might not exist if we had not met  Anais Nin.  Paraphrased.

School subject: Sciences, Humanities
Kid’s game: Chess
Sport: to play- volleyball, badminton, tennis, football, basketball, soccer..
Book/author: Ray Bradbury, Jane Eyre, Vonnegut, Alexander Dumas
Character: Dharma or Bones
TV Show: Firefly, Haven, Warehouse 13, Limitless, Sherlock, Penny Dreadful,
Top 5 movies: The butcher’s wife, Secretary , Wristcutters- A love story.  Silver Linings playbook,  Knights Tale,  Waitress,  Kiss me Kate.

There are so many but these are the ones I go to often when I need comfort.
Band/artist/song: I love all Genres, rock from 1950-2005  Doris Day, Guns N roses, Bette Midler, Straycats,  Creepshow, Amanda Palmer ~Hold a special place in my heart but I just love music in general.  I was a performer long ago.

song: Strange Magic from the film,  Smile by Nat King Cole, Sweet Child O mine
Piece of Art: John William Waterhouses work, passionately love the waterlillies series by monet.. I hate cubism and bosch. I dislike most modern art. Aesthetics, beauty, nature, bringing literature to life is more my style.
Type of metal: aged copper
Time of day: twilight
Season: autumn
Weather: stormy
Holiday:  Halloween
Hair color & style for you: It is going platinum so these days I am blonde.

* * *
THIS or THAT **in this section you can just bold your selection**
Pop or Soda 2
Pepsi or Coke 1
Coffee or Tea both
Caesar Salad or Garden Salad both
Hot Dogs or Hamburger both
Waffles or Pancakes 1
Lightening or Thunder both
Night or Day 1
Sunset or Sunrise 1
Bath or Shower 2

* * *
What food do you hate? Liver, Pizza with red sauce from anywhere except the Hut.
What really gives you the creeps? That sickening crack from bones breaking in movies. I cover my ears and scream.  Every single time.

What are you scared of?   I have had a lot of self absorbed toxic people in my life so I know the pain of trusting someone and I know the terror that can strike a traumatized heart over the thought of losing them.

With work it can diminish, I imagine one day it can even go when I am fully healed from my many betrayals.
How often do you go over the speed limit? No more than 5 over.
Do you like to sing in the shower, if so what do you sing? Andrew LLoyd Webber

Favorite movie monster? Dracula.. she was his wife ffs he wanted her home.
If you could be a superhero who would you be? Jean Grey

What would be your superhero power? Premonition~I am an Intuitive.

* * *
What is your dream job? Gypsy fortune teller, surrounded by beasts. Using my magical intuitive ways to thrust clients passionately into their destiny and free their chained hearts.

Where do you think you’ll be living five years from now? Here. Its my haven.
What do you want the universe to use you for? Healing
What is your motto? Examine all aspects, plan accordingly.

Always face truths rather than lie to self or others.

My senior quote was “lovingly embrace your inner weirdo, no matter what the cost”
Which is your wish that is not yet fulfilled? Alchemy
* * *

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