Plastic ain’t fantastic. Face your uglies head on.

Discussing Fallacies of #TheHigherPlane™, you have been warned:
I’ve studied spirituality, metaphysical quantum theory, how to discern the spirits behind people / events.
And I will say Law of Attraction is awesome as a concept, as the supernatural kingdom operates in faith, and it’s pretty stellar to study it along side the bible. However, since the foundation of LOA is shaping your reality, and becoming a “Boss,” the community has amassed some bullshit artists and it amazes me how the attitude is running amok.
Obtaining autonomy does not mean kicking all wounds, fears, and signs of struggling under the rug. Not really. But in this field, being a #Boss is apparently waking up in a power pose, deciding to be in control with The New Mindset™ and trucking on through.
When the adrenaline rush from this new found inspiration dies down, one will be left manifestation road rash from the crash and burn because one did not handle those wounds, fears, and roots behind those signs of struggling. Oy!
In the case of wanting The Universe™ to grant you the reality you have your heart on, Faking It Until You Make It won’t always make the deal because your consciousness could say one thing, but your subconscious and heart could say, no, WANT another.
Yep. It’s called double mindedness. If you’re not aware of how Law of Attraction works, it is the confidence in believing you’re worthy enough and asking for your vision to be reality that brings the reality. The Universe will always bring us grace and blessings when we aren’t worthy of it, that’s the power of  love.
But there are so many blessings we do miss and receive because past wounds has told us one way or another that we are not worthy of blessings, that we are not worthy of love, that we are not worthy of this reality that we think we truly want. To get rid of a stronghold is to explore it to annihilate any foundation that fuels any limiting beliefs that holds your whole you back.
So like I was saying, I really despise the community’s practice is refusing to acknowledging any negative feelings because that’s what The Universe answers to. That’s the key to becoming a boss. Bullshit.
The very practice of that can lead a lot of LOA practices to shame from what I’ve seen in my studies the past few years, and under the guidance and work I do with my mentor.
Shame because they cannot power on, shame when the inevitable crash appears when the dopamine goes to normal levels, shame when negative manifestations appear in another habit, so on and so forth. And anyone who knows me, knows that I speak against any organized structure that uses shame as fuel to power the very structure itself.
I am not with LOA’s Stepford smiling attitude. Results may vary, you may actually get blessed. You may actually get that Barbie Dream House. But the void doesn’t discriminate. The void loves Barbie, #FeministIcon #LoveThatBitch. Aim for emotional freedom, bask in the greatness of God, the Source and The Universe, and then practice LOA’s boss attitude.
When you explore negative feelings, you are led to wounds, when you are led to wounds, despite patterns suggesting it you do not have to be left with nothing. Stuck in hopelessness. You can explore it, deeply grieve, and give back yourself healing. My roommate and I spend days and nights building exercises to help psychologically abused victims claim themselves back, so I know it’s possible. I don’t like the idea of people wanting to get power back in their lives and asking how to do this, and being told, in metaphor, to clean their room by shoving the mess under the bed, behind the dresser, and in the closet. I don’t. Not for me. I ain’t with it.
For a brief example… rather than conquering the spirit of rejection and assessing narcissistic abuse one has faced due to being unattractive most of their life – like I have – in the community the most common answer to someone admitting shame towards their looks would be something the lines of ” “Awwww babe, you think you’re ugly? No way, you’re a beautiful goddess. Just say ‘I am beautiful and I denounce the feeling of ugliness! I am a proud woman!’ every day while not wearing makeup and soon you will learn to be happy in your own skin.”
That doesn’t cut it for me. I grew up the ugly duckling and blossomed my last of high school and guess what, when approaching people, I still feel like the comical manga geek with the uni-brow and bell bottom jeans. It doesn’t matter if people tell me I look pretty, I will still look at you like you’re growing a mushroom on the tip of your nose.
That may be covered with a band-aid but insecurity isn’t. Somebody, anybody, realize that depth is not only the answer to our questions, but to our souls. People need to know that they are worth more than cookie cutter one-size-fit-all answers. People need to know that their effort is not in vain.
People need to know that they don’t have to feel defeated if they look in for answers. Boss ass babes, faking it until you’re making it can be a great coping mechanism, especially when we feel lost, so don’t get me wrong. But condoning repression is not the formula towards building your favored reality.
**JalenJoyce aka Rio**

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