Oversharing. Facts cannot bite you in the ass. Don’t be such a chickenshit.

be willing to fail spectacularly.


It is the only way to live completely fearless.


Telling yourself you have nothing left to lose.


It is always going to be fucking scary when you are vulnerable with someone.  Or thousands of people at once.


“Why are you sharing your dirty laundry?”  A bitter old lady scoffs to me.

Nobody will trust you.

How can you help others if you are still so fucked up sometimes?


Because my story might be the key to unlock someone elses’ cage.  Setting them free from a dungeon of shame, pain and fear.


You fall in love with characters through their background story.  The save the cat moments of their lives, their aches and triumphs and even the mundane.

Why should we be any different?


I despise the untouchable, plastic pretend happy images presented by others in this field.  I am sure they are kickass women capable of great things but as long as you are hiding behind masks.  You will never get there honey.


Plus you will miss out on the sweet beautiful moments of honest vulnerability where strangers share their stories, tears and sometimes even beer with you.

I live for those moments.


One of my favorite memories of a celebrity “oversharing” Was when I read Amanda Palmer’s blog.  She is a singer and her middle name is fucking.  Amanda Fucking Palmer.  how punk rock can you get?

She was telling a story about true love.  Her first kiss with her now husband,  He vomited and she kissed him because she wanted to for awhile.

Not the original blog post but I found something citing the story for an example.



I fell in love with them and their lovestory in that moment because who doesn’t love two people so authentic, honest and unapologetically raw.    Aww if it is not fucking amazing to feel that strongly about someone and to want to gift others with their vision of what love is to share something that disgustingly sweet and so very gross.

Shes a badass and her sharing herself just solidified the goddess status.   Inspiring for {at that time} a very closed off Aspie who could barely feel her feelings  forever dying to know how to connect to other humans.   Just how Amanda aims to connect with others so openly.


I want to be a badass too.  I want our work magical, our stories gritty, raw and bloodstained.  Our entertainment to connect with others not just titillate.


To hear their stories and share that beer.   Maybe even exchange a little piece of ourselves,  One healing the other.

Sharing pieces of that jigsaw puzzle which is life.  All we are trying to do is solve it, embracing Amorfati.  Right?





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