Goldiggin’ Barbie dolls offer cardboard Malibu mansions. Or blackhearted “coaches, mentors, soul healers with no substance.

Manipulation in the industry.. buzzwords, empty promises. Word salad, regurgitated falsely momentarily empowering phrases pieced together, covered in frosting and sprinkles.

But.. You are SO mean, you are killing my vibes with your naysaying and discerning of my character and lack of integrity.  HATER!

I am popular.  People like me! on Instagram I have 50k followers and I think I might be magic because I am hoping I am so I must be and the cards agree.  Nevermind my predictions do not come true and I have to rely on a deck of cards to tell you anything.

You are not magic.  You have no ability whatsoever if you have to rely on a deck of cards.  But my angel cards tell me I can see into the future.  

Sure they do.. Those are bullshit.  If you cannot give actual readings and ever have a vision come true, You are playing with a technique called cold/hot reading that mentalists use to grasp at typical Basic thinking and experiences to try and mindfuck someone into paying them for flattering readings.



If you do not have the heart to sit with someone suffering and let them get snot on you. Happen to think just picking up your pompoms and acting as a super authority because you decided one day you were magic after watching Harry Potter.

Always have to be plastic and fantastic with a permagrin plastered on your face and lack the self-awareness and strength to be vulnerable and raw with the world, especially your clients.  I have a certain dislike for the ones who sell empty words, not the ones who genuinely mention healing beliefs, soul healing.  Who genuinely care for others.  This is not a criticism of the industry, Only the ones who care about the dollar bills and not the clients hearts.

Expecting them to keep funneling into your “masterminds” That word makes me gag as much as the term “coach”.  My business partner and I were talking one day about how every narcissistic being we have known, likes to meditate on, imagine themselves, Mastermind.

We will never bother with false mastermind upselling buzzwords.   We sell lasting deep soul wound innerhealing and transformative methods.  Which bring about a self-awareness and knowledge to enrich every aspect of your life. 

Don’t lie to yourself, glitzy promises and selling snake oil is just asking for your business and life to crash on some rocks.

How can you live with yourself?

I am all for people getting into this work when they have the intimacy, true empathy and vulnerability, love for others, a desire to be truthful and heal with a pure heart.  I just seldom see it.

Before I decided to try my hand at going online with my private work I have been doing for roughly twenty years.  I studied.  I do that,  I study obsessively.

I studied Industry standards.  It is the first thing you do when you decide to launch a business.   Along with the demographics and anything you want to offer.

What I saw disturbed me.

Exaggeration of accomplishments.  Blatant narcissistic pandering of little girls given too many participation ribbons who have suffered no genuine tragedy, loss, depression, any darkness.

Who try to convince insecure, deeply pained women who do not feel good about themselves to thirst after their overpriced programs which offer no genuine transformation, knowledge or depth.

If you have no life experience.  How can you “coach” on how to live.

Feeding on the hopes, dreams and pain of genuinely wounded and usually middle aged women hoping to find their fire.

Most of them sicken me.


First off the Law of Attraction works on a universal truth that when you have energy/hearts faith in something it happens for you.   That means no doublemindedness.

It hearkens all the way back to the bible “But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.”  The book, like an ancient tome on the Supernatural is telling you that the Spirit realm is powered by energetic faith and doubting in what you are asking for in your heart.  Sabotages your prayers.

Your hearts prayer is what is answered because the Supernatural Realm is powered by FAITH.

If you want success but your parents programmed you with the subconscious message you are never to bypass their grid they boxed you inside.  Your heart is going to sabotage you every way it can.

If you desire that trip to Paris but you are terrified of going out alone.  Your heart is never letting that happen.

If you want a loving relationship but feel unworthy. You will attract abusive or cold hearted bastards.

If you want to lose that weight and cannot.  Your heart might be saying, I am unworthy undeserving and I am scared, I want to be loved at 600 pounds- Damn the man!!! or.. my mom was nice to me when I was a little more padded, less competitive and harsh.

If you want success in your career, your heart could be sabotaging you by being afraid of change.  Thinking if you make more money than your partner,  He might leave you or be threatened and have wandering eyes.


A good “consultant, strategist, mindset something or other, magical fairy, lightworking fill in the blank.  Knows to get you healing, to get you hearing your intuition and not be driven by subconscious fear based bugs in your coding, that you need to work on that shit and not leave a stone unturned.

I don’t see that depth anywhere.

I see manipulative glossy pictured posts saying some trite thing that sounds easily related to and a quick and dirty sale like a heroin addicted hooker in a back alley.

The sweet sweet pang of external validation and being seen hits.

There is a high for awhile.  “I am changing my life!”  I am succeeding!  It might even last a few months because your faith is momentarily highjacked by the joy you feel for spending thousands of dollars on the snakeoil salesgirl.

Until the doldrums hit.  You remember you hate yourself because your mother criticized every aspect of your being, that you were felt up by a guy you sorta liked but was only with because of his car,  You settled for your husband due to his income.  That your kids do not respect you and Laboutins and Chanel purses make you feel like someone but only until the next drop in your ego and the self loathing filled choices that followed you everyday until you spent the money “investing” in yourself.

I love luxury.  I have nothing against it.  But external validation is a source of death.  A painful life where nothing is ever good enough and your soul is a black void.

Those types of “healers” who promise success and do not a damn thing to get you to look inward.  To show yourself the love you have always been lacking and heal that inner child and its greed for love and material goods.

They do not have empathy, respect or any kind of genuine interest in you beyond your bank account.

Alittle self education instead of pandering for paper certification sold by other snakeoil salesmen never hurt anyone.  I know you all desperately need to be validated, each measuring dick size til the cows come home- Editorial note.  Yawn.

If your spirit is brittle, you have no humor and all you can do is brag.  You are a saltine cracker and I want to feed you to a parrot.  Useless cardboard paper doll.  Passion for your clients healing that is what I long to see.

Just read a book beyond Bernstein~some on empathy, intimacy, dealing with abuse and trauma and learn how to help others look inward and heal those wounds.  It IS your job because you profess to help them learn how to transform themselves.

It does not take much to get someone to question themselves, to heal their bugs in their coding, kill those wicked stepmothers in their head and nurture that inner child. It takes asking the root of the memory,

  Asking who is involved and asking asking asking.  Getting people thinking and examining their emotions and responses and WHY do I do this or believe that so strongly.


You are a walking subconscious and most of the things that we unconsciously deal with happen before age eleven.

They are the subjective opinions of people usually stunted emotionally in one way or another who saw fit to abuse a child or in the least impose selfish and harmful opinions onto them.



I have said before, I am autistic.  I have Aspergers.  I was diagnosed when I was six years old.  I took to writing my letters backwards because they looked prettier so they stuck me in special ed for driving teachers mad.  I was tested and then placed in the gifted class of 1/2 graders mixed.

I took to absorbing everything ever written on relationships, self help, and psychology before I was even eleven years old myself.  When you do not feel your emotions you will do anything to understand other humans.

My first psychology book was in third grade.  Aspie girls are referred to as little psychologists.  We want so badly to understand what we are missing that normally wired people feel so passionately, so deeply and wildly all the time.

We are also intensely sensitive to suffering.

I get angry when I see greedy hungry-eyed cold, take themselves too seriously they are brittle “coach, mentor, soulhealers blah blah blah”  Go fishing with giant, obnoxious glossy photos and wax poetic on how they deserve your money and will forever take your suffering,  How they can change your life,

They are hamfisted magic but they use props and have nothing that is ever genuine predicted,   No life experience, no tragedies or suffering, have never truly educated themselves beyond reading Bernstein and Napoleon Hill.

The luxury brand elitist who is just really good at sales and talking her way into doors and wallets.  Never offers anything on her lives of substance (other than you got this! you GO girl,  You are a goddess) but feels free to criticize others for how they charge for not being like her.

Or the “energy” healer who tricks people into opening their chakras and imagining magic light dissipating their wounds.  Nope.  Hypnotherapy technique not lasting and chakras being opened without protection.  Not smart.

She makes 2k an hour somehow.

Also why do they all talk like valleygirls from the film Clueless? some of those put on voices are so grating I literally cannot sit through an entire video.  I get irritated ten minutes in by the fake tone.  Girls use your TRUE voices,  I am sure they are worlds beyond this aural abuse you are subjecting us under.


All about how much they can bleed out of someone before they wake up and realize its a glitzy flirty show of perfection that is really a sad girl with an eating disorder, living beyond her means with credit cards who curls up with her bottle of wine every night and teaches forgiveness but not how to process emotions while harboring resentment, critical brittle attitudes and seething jealousy in her heart.

No idea how to have intimacy, share vulnerable moments of genuine connection and healing with their clients.  Only how to make a good sale by feigning interest and making trite simpering smalltalk.

Oh wow, its an escort service for your ego.  Momentarily giving sweet relief and no intimacy.


I am not that way and neither is my partner.  It fucking sickens us.



We have a ton of mad little techniques, mind games and ways to fuck with your head.  Bringing about authentic freedom.  Lasting healing and loving yourself for who you are and not how your ass looks or how many times you have been to Paris.

We have actual experience with bad marriages, healing from abuse/trauma and a frightening amount of Narcissistic familial and personal relationships, suffering, cult leader parents, Agoraphobia, eating disorders, miscarriages, terminal illness, grief for loved ones, Weightloss and personal trainer work,

Hypnotherapy healing techniques that healed both of us from horrific past abuse and trauma.  Art, musical theatre, performance and improv teaching,  Bonafide Clairvoyant abilities along with knowledge of the Metaphysical realm and work.  Long story short.



We’ve truly lived through Hell and know how to turn it into a nightclub act.




We like to stop waitresses, clerks and strangers and just give random visions of their destiny to watch their faces crumple into tears shouting how we just whispered their hearts desire.

Its a weekly occurrence here at the X mansion as a writer/gigolo buddy of mine in Hollywood calls it.

Only hire the ones who can truly transform you.  Give a fuck about your progress beyond getting referrals and are willing to go the extra mile for you.  Even bringing their whip out sometimes when its needed.

It is imperative you TRUST your Healer and they have the ACTIONS not just the words to back up their value and service ability.









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