Aspergirl Survey

Nickname: Josie
Eye color: Chocolate
Occupation: Self-development consultant who utilizes strategic Intuitive mind/body work. Or, in cooler words, PSYCHIC DETECTIVE. Move Over Shawn Spencer, I’m the real deal and I’m coming for that TV show contract.
Worst Job: Ohh nothing, just a little maid gig that proved to me I was more naive when it came to New York City. lol, whoops.

sacred trickster
* * *
Who do you live with? Two women who know the art of snark, a midnight creature -kitten from the underworld, and Russian accent mobster Cat who deliberately only refers to me as ‘Tuts’ and ‘Sweetheart.’ ://///
Have you ever lived in another country? Not exactly. I’m born in the USVI, so it’s American territory but… It’s clearly a different culture.
What languages do you speak? My first language was french but alas I was Americanized to the point of ignorance. I know Spanish basics.

* * *
Describe yourself in five words: Faithful, Tenacious, Artistically Driven, Easily Intrigued, Intuitive
How would others describe you in five words? Easy going, Direct, Elegant, Imaginative, Nurturing
Are you a task oriented person or a people oriented person? Ah, I want to say I’m adaptive because it depends on the environment, such as, the people oriented person is needed to fulfill efficiency in the area’s dynamic, or the task oriented person is what everyone needs. But lets face facts: Tasks, I am deficient in. So somehow it’s people > tasks. Yet I wouldn’t say I’m a natural at handling others. I think more about tasks but according to Nola I make it look socializing “effortless” albeit it’s far from the truth!

* * *
Do you have brothers and sisters? How many, older/younger? I have a younger half brother. He is the sweetest and I miss his presence.
Are you married or single? Alas, I have yet to find the perfect yodeling partner.
What is the profile of the wife/husband you would marry? My future husband is a a clever geek who, not only saves me from my conspiracy theory addiction but regularly showers me with freshly picked memes and organically grown mix-tapes. He naturally dabbles in the artistic department and unapologetically goes OFF in his creative endeavors. …God, I’m just looking for someone who would psychoanalyze the shit out of The Muppets Movie with me and then serenade me with romantic letters. Yep. That’s all an honest girl can ask for.
Children? Nope.

* * *
Person you’re closest to: An elementary school teacher who’s the same size of her students. We adopted each other in the seventh grade.
Who has/had the most influence in your life? I was raised by a computer.
What kind of people do you like? The common trait between all who stay in my life is; Playful.
What kind of people do you not like? Manipulating. If I sense it at all, we will never connect.

* * *
What did you get in trouble for, when you were a kid? I would say I was a good kid in school, growing up I got detention a couple times for refusing to shut up when told to. I apparently had a lot to say.  At home, welllll, I had a problem with lying. Lying to get out of trouble, lying to get attention. It’s a trait I grew out of due to a painful consequence I had to be slapped with.
Did you ever run away from home? Weirdly enough, No. Regarding the issues I was dealing with as a child, I’m surprised I didn’t. But I figured I could take it on, and what I considered the real pain I was going through was that looming energy, a void, emptiness.. haunting. I knew even as a kid that running away wouldn’t change the foundation of that struggle.
Were you considered popular in high school? Why or why not? Despite moving around in my early childhood I was always well received up but high school was sort of different. I was pretty much a floater and not apart of any group. Then… “magically,” my best friend and I bloomed the summer before our senior year and people began to watch us like we were celebrities – we were known but we didn’t do anything about it as we became painfully self conscious. When others tried to befriend or even date us, it threw us off guard seeing that we socially may have been considered less than previously. People who consider high school years Golden would say I was unfulfilled in that area.

* * *
What are your hobbies? Music, Film, Writing, Painting and Ceramics. I miss Fencing and Archery, I haven’t done it in years sadly.
What do you like to cook? The joke is, I live off of Ramen noodles. But when I do actually cook, I love to make my different kinds of soups and stews. Personally, I would like to learn some dishes of my culture. That would be amazingly fulfilling.
What are your talents? Everything artistic, abstract, or anything that calls for a good eye, I tend to be naturally well at it. Acting was known to be “my gift” until I stopped to take care of my dad in high school. I would like to start again.
Do you play any instruments? Which one(s)? I have always wanted to learn bass guitar and it was awesome coming up on the news that I actually have my dad’s old one waiting for me.
What are you good at? I feel like I just answered this but today, I found out that my singing voice was considered good which is amazing because I love singing but painfully shy! I’m also great at voice acting and book narrating. I’m good with spatial settings and also spotting the difference. If you led me into a maze I could find my way out of it by visual marks. Nola jokes about how I am a natural GPS.
What do you like to do in your free time? Listen to new albums and match colors to them. Watch movies and maybe rewatch them, finding hidden messages from directors. Go inside my brain and water the storyline that has been festering in my imagination for years hahah. I tend to my in depth characters that I’m proud of but they will never see the light of day?? Maybe?? We’ll see. I also direct music videos, again in my head lol. Free time? Yeah, I’m in my head.
How do you unwind? Eat a snack and sort through my tumblr, which I use as a creative outlet, while watching a movie or my current favorite show.
What are you most afraid of physically and emotionally? Hmm.. Emotions used to scare me. I didn’t like to experience them and if I was in the middle of someone elses, I was uncomfortable because I was just aware of this blaring knowledge of that fact I can probably do nothing else to help someone’s emotions. I’ve grown a whole lot but I can still be overwhelmed with emotions to the point I won’t know if I’m experiencing sadness or anger until I show manifestations such as…. lack of energy and refusing to get out of bed or sudden disgust with trivial things (passive anger I don’t like to witness in myself so I when I notice it, I make sure to pull anger out of me.) Physically.. Well. I grew up with a chronic pain illness and while my pain is subsiding for the time being .. I still have to undo this paranoid overprotective system my dad taught me.. I fear that my body is not mine to control and that manifests even outside of my health, like my clumsiness in exercising, or the fact I can’t cartwheel or learn how to swim. I am aware of the fact that the illness has given me the unconscious message of not trusting my body. I think that will be my next bug to “deprogram.”

What are your flaws? I’m hard on myself, I’m my worst critic but I think my flaws all fall under the same umbrella. “Disencouraged Perfectionist” Aspergers Term: Freeze Loop. [I’ve read quite recently, in contrast of the autistic stereotype where socializing is a fail for Aspies but tasks is the anal attentive focus; apparently a lot of aspergirls are socially gregarious and better with social cues but the lack happens to take place in organizing their life. That in fact, a lot of women with Asperger’s go without diagnosis and therefore help, simply because ignorant psychologists are looking for a personality type rather than the cluster of traits that can cause suffering into various aspects of a person’s life. As a child I was misdiagnosed as ADD-Inattentive by school psychiatrist, and I totally get it. I couldn’t communicate a many of my difficulties but even then it was clear I had executive dysfunction. I’m terrible with appointments .. I won’t get into it, but it’s so far fetched, it’s to the point I never know when I’m hungry. Sometimes I will eat for the hell of it, and the more I eat, the more hungry I become and that’s when it dawns on me I was starving the whole time but I couldn’t register the sensation until I began to eat. My self frustration and insecurities connect into this aspect about me. And I either obsess about something and that’s all I do, or I don’t do it at all! I’m still working on the balancing act and I have faith I’ll figure it out. I’m dreaming of a Black Mirror Santa to deliver me some kind of watch that will alert me to do the most minuscule tasks.. such as, idk.. eating.

* * *
Meal: I like food that I can eat with ease. Snacks. Shrimp cocktail. My roommate knows I will put lemon juice on TONS of things but I can’t help it. I just love that flavor.
Breakfast: Sausage and cheese biscuit, or an everything bagel with tons of cream cheese.
Pizza topping: Sausage
Salad Dressing: Vinaigrette
Type of eggs: Hardboiled dipped in white vineagar and pepper. Out of vinegar? Then scrambled egg with cheese. Out of cheese? Forget eggs.
Popcorn Topping: DocPopcorn has a great Jalepeno and Cheddar mix. Love that stuff!
Drink: Currently, Gatorade Lemon. Alcohol? Blood Mary please.
Dessert: Poptarts.
Cake flavor: Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!
Type of pie: Pecan I suppose.
Type of ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip – Baskin Robbins.

* * *
Bird: Crows and Ravens are such smartasses, I love it.
Fish: Queen Angelfish
Gemstone: Tanzanite
Flower: Peony
Smell: Marshmellows
Sound: The train off in the distance
Color: Lilac Purple, Navy, Goldenrod
Word: Transcend
Quote: I have but one passion: to enlighten those who have been kept in the dark, in the name of humanity which has suffered so much and is entitled to happiness. My fiery protest is simply the cry of my very soul. If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, I will answer you: I am here to live out loud! – Emile Zola

School subject: Sociology, English
Kid’s game: Connect 4

Connect Four
Sport: Fencing, Archery
Book/author: Ray Bradbury, Edgar Allen Poe, Alice Hoffman
Character: Peyton Sawyer, Penny Lane, Peter Pan – they all served a purpose each age of my life.
TV Show: That 70s Show, iZombie, Black Mirror, The Bold Type, Man Seeking Woman. Brooklyn99, Misfits
Top 5 movies: Vertigo, Almost Famous, Secretary, Moulin Rouge, Trainspotting, Whiplash, Moonrise Kingdom
Band/artist/song: I hate to be a cliche but truly, I like different genres. Bands? Spoon, Blur/Gorillaz, The Strokes… etc. Song: Chairlift’s amanaemonesia is perfection – view here:
Piece of Art: I love the way Rolf Armstrong uses colors against negative space.
Type of metal: I regret not having an answer for this.
Time of day: Dusk.
Season: autumn
Weather: Windy
Holiday:  Magical Christmastime, vintage xmas music, tons of decorations, smell of cookies and burning fire, oh such bliss. Halloween used to be it, but yknow what, every day is Halloween for me. I love the feeling of warmth and love for Christmas. I grew up without it, so I’m ready to go all out every single time.
Hair color & style for you: I tend to go back to that retro bang + bobs, but I really miss my twists.

* * *
THIS or THAT **in this section you can just bold your selection**
Pop or Soda – Soda.
Pepsi or Coke – Dont care.
Coffee or Tea – Tea.
Caesar Salad or Garden Salad – Caesar.
Hot Dogs or Hamburger – Cheeseburger.
Waffles or Pancakes – Waffles.
Lightening or Thunder  – Thunder only happens when it’s rainin’.
Night or Day – Night
Sunset or Sunrise – Hmm, I’m not sure.
Bath or Shower – Shower, but a bath when needed.

* * *
What food do you hate? Bran. Bleh.
What really gives you the creeps? Spiders, 8 legged everything, actually.
What are you scared of?   I think I might have a fear of heights? But in all seriousness, I think I fear rejection secretly, shhh. With work and being brave in vulnerability I will handle it much better and learn to tackle it.
How often do you go over the speed limit? I don’t have my license. I lived in NYC, I didn’t have to get it. I want it now however.
Do you like to sing in the shower, if so what do you sing? Frank Ocean, Weezer, Fleetwood Mac, Wang Chung.
Favorite movie monster? Oh my gothic romantic ass couldn’t make a decision about that.

Since childhood I’ve been faithful to monsters. I’ve been saved and absolved by them because monsters are the patron saints of our blissful imperfections.

Guillermo del Toro in his Golden Globe acceptance speech

That’s the thing that people keep forgetting: when the gothic romance novels first came out, they were pretty punk. They were very highly charged. They were sort of improper. They were bold and overt. For lack of a better analogy, they were like the Sex Pistols of that era.
Guillermo del Toro, in an interview with TIME

If you could be a superhero who would you be? Storm.

What would be your superhero power? I already have premonition? So its natural to trade? I would love teleportation or elemental control.

* * *
What is your dream job? Directing plays and films, I think. Anything and everything under creative direction – I want to explore.
Where do you think you’ll be living five years from now? Here, Los Angeles, or maybe even NYC. Who knows, depends on what my future holds, and with whom.
What do you want the universe to use you for? Healing and inspiring.

What is your motto?
“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”


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