Magick, Manifesting and how this LOA shit works. Hear from the Spirit

Magick, Manifesting and how this LOA shit works. Hear from the Spirit
Hearing from the Spirit 101. I am an aspie Professional Intuitive and I have been training people to hear/see/feel as I have my entire life} since my late teens- Nearly twenty years now when I first started with an ex. After seeing so many discouraged and aching to reach~ Here are the tips I just threw together off the top of my head and I hope they help you guys,

The first step to being in touch with the supernatural is simple. The supernatural realm is overlaying the terrestrial realm. A creative powerful magic energy exists in the air we breathe.

A computer program that you are constantly coding with every imagination you entertain, your hearts prayers, your thoughts and the power of your speech. NeverNever-land, Wonderland Narnia, Oz- They hold the key,

Think lovely thoughts, Say I believe in fairies- Peter Pan.

Only children can go to Narnia, Because adults get soul wounds, those pile up and numb our hearts to believe in the magical, we end up jaded and hope flies away. Losing our childish enthusiasm and faith for the Glorious and miraculous.

Our broken wounded hearts lose belief that anything is possible. Our inner child is frozen in time, aching to be nurtured, loved and to grow up with us and take us back to Wonderland.

I hold invisible tea parties when I am teaching someone to hear the Spirit, and I encourage them to have a few drinks to loosen up when pretending to drink invisible tea and eat invisible scones. Everyone ends up busting into laughter, manically giggling and seeing amazing things- without peyote or acid. I swear!


The play acting loosens you up to receive.

First you FEEL, then you WRITE~ Ray Bradbury. An eternally whimsical magical man who I am certain knew the keys himself and saw many astounding wonders beyond the veil.

Your fucking imagination is how you receive, how you manifest and how you get Woke.

I used a millenial word. I bet JalenJoyce is groaning in her sleep. She does whenever I use a phrase being the tail end of GenX myself.

Play, pantomime, get into a childish space- use alcohol or other measures if you truly want to but be careful.
Meditate, soak yourself in music You can use ANYTHING not just those godawful biurnal beats which sometimes give headaches or mess with your mind.

You can meditate to Guns N Roses and hear the Spirit if you want. I use everything from worship despite not being a fan of organized religion to musical scores to Disney to hard rock.

Art, Create, Get into a right brained space. Sing, Dance, play, sculpt, finger paint, make fucking mud pies. Play childish games. Imaginary games.Talk to your inner child, J

Journal with it- use different fonts or colors depending on if you type or use handwriting. Ask your inner selves- a million questions.

Work on your soul. If you cannot see or hear anything it might be fear, anger, doubts, self loathing, unworthiness, overwhelm, numbing.

Make body maps. Feel and then note spots of tension or pain, pinching or heaviness in your body and then talk to it. Ask it what emotion it is, what memory, trauma or person it represents.

Release doubt, fear, shame, rejection, pain and anger to the Universe. But make sure to really honor your emotions and don’t try to think away your pain Its repression and distracting. It just does not work that way until the moment your heart is ready to heal and then Revelation comes and reframes things.

Sometimes to get spiritually awakened you have to absolutely take yourself apart and be willing to tear it down and build from the ground up. To figure out what might be deadening you to the sensations- ANYONE can hear/feel/see in the Spirit. Just believe, keep trying and asking and asking and asking and asking for answers, for secrets and for the Truth.

First you FEEL, then you WRITE, Trust your heart, Bypass your Greek Mindset because ladies and gents your guide on this tour of the Spirit realm is going to be your imagination, your astral self, your childish whimsical Bedknobs and broomsticks, Santa believing side who still exists- even in Montgomery Burns heart.
You know its the Spirit when you feel it in your heart/stomach, A whole body solidarity.

Don’t trust your mind unless there is a quietness there. I see mine as a castle, one wing is Intellect, My emotions are in colors because I am a Synesthete, dark vibes are a sickly green and when its the Spirit-

The entire castle lights up with a warm glowing candle light.
Practice. Trust. Wait for the calm sweet voice. Vision flashes, thoughts that bubble out of nowhere. Feelings that are not meshing with your current state.

Ask the Spirit for peoples secrets, their destinies, However you can assist and bless them that day. Ask for guidance. I drive mine nuts by asking “Whats next” a thousand times a day. The cosmic alternative to “Are we there YET”

We are all Spirit in a meat sack and capable of hearing from our Loving Spirit. Who wants us to be healed, blessed and living the best life possible, Using our privilege to heal and bless others in return.

Keep trying, Believe in the impossible and have faith that All things are possible.

I impart my gifts to anyone who wants to hear Spirit for whats its worth, Receive in faith.

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