Dial a Psychic today!

 The show went so well, I had fun and some people sought me out after it and many more found me on FB.  Here is to making a great living teaching others how to heal themselves and their clients effectively and long lasting instead of just a temp dopamine rush that pretty words and paying for permission offers.

Nola on Radio show teaching and giving readings.


Original post on it

I booked a radio show and just got my gorgeous promo postcard for Postcards to the Universe. After deciding to go professional less than a month ago. I am on tomorrow Valentines and will be reading spirits on photos and giving an interview and teaching. Wow.

Postcards to the Universe

I have been doing this work, offering transformations for twenty years now, starting in high school when I helped the class outcast figure herself out, I was born seeing/feeling/sensing/hearing and I had money in my marriage so it was my way of giving back.

Now I am making a living on my own while supporting my grandmother and have goals to use a portion for a Children’s home and it was time to open shop and help more than just random strangers or people who found me and asked me to teach them.

I have only slept a few hours and am not witty right now but being exhausted helps me flow supernaturally so theres that on the up side.



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