Manifesting with a Broken Heart Broken Spirit

My biological contributor aka Father is a cult leader, lets call him Dracul, I know the bible inside out because of him and one thing that has always stood out to me in my work, I started giving readings when I was twelve yrs old and working as a counselor in my school by fifteen after a year long intensive class on the subject culminated by this godawful team building ropes course 50 ft in the air– I risked DEATH to get my fuckingtraining.

One thing that stuck in my heart through all of my fighting during mandatory bible classes with Dracul and his brainwashing bible thumping madness was memorizing the bible and knowing it inside out- Hey kids its basically an Ancient tome and a giant spellbook, its not all bad there is wisdom in there

is a scripture- A broken spirit dries up the bones, a Broken heart none can bare.

Meaning manifesting with a broken heart/wounded spirit trying to survive and feeling like you are drowning is a bitch if not impossible. The only way out is through- Sorry kids- You want to manifest a better life? You have to work on your wounds. You have to be familiar with your Hearts beliefs, You have to come to a place where your Heart recognizes your worthiness of success, your worthiness that you are your spirit- not your body, You are how you treat others, you are your choices to heal and make the world a more beautiful place, Not how much money you have in the fucking bank When you love yourself, when you heal the broken heart, Manifesting and being naturally high vibe is a BREEZE.669767

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