How long will it take ? 

It depends on the individual.  How committed you are to change.  How open minded you are willing to be.  How much work you want to put into a session, assignments and even reading materials.

Do you have a wait-list currently?
Yes.  Contacting us on FB gives you priority.  Because we do our major sessions through messenger.  So we are available all hours.

Payment on agreement.  Any disrespect towards us, our methods and you forfeit.  You are getting first-rate knowledge and lasting methods.


How long have we’ve been doing this?
Nola has been giving free visions, healing advice and being a shoulder to strangers in bars, restaurants, even grocery stores and airports for going on twenty years.  She befriended a world-class hypnotist who taught her his trade in her youth.  She worked launching businesses and marketing, Branding, Graphics, I.T.  As well as spent some time as a Stylist, a portrait Artist and in the musical Theatre world.

JalenJoyce has been in acting, modeling, voicework and an intensive apprenticeship for over two years now and is naturally gifted at mirroring emotions and seeing into hearts.

Do we have the life experience to each others how to live and are you any good at this?

We have a ton of mad little techniques, mind games and ways to fuck with your head. Bringing about authentic freedom. Lasting healing and loving yourself for who you are and not how your ass looks or how many times you have been to Paris.

We have actual experience with bad marriages, healing from abuse/trauma and a frightening amount of Narcissistic familial and personal relationships, suffering, Cult leader parents, Agoraphobia, Eating disorders, miscarriages, terminal illness, Grief for loved ones, Weightloss and personal trainer work

Hypnotherapy healing techniques that healed both of us from horrific past abuse and trauma.

Art, musical theatre, performance and improv teaching,  Bonafide tested and trusted Clairvoyant abilities along with knowledge of the Metaphysical realm. Long story short.

We’ve truly lived through Hell and know how to turn it into a nightclub act.


Is this evil?

No.  Magic is just Science that we don’t understand yet.  Arthur C Clarke

Are we evil? 

Only if our cats don’t like you.  Tributes of tuna and chocolate guarantee purring.

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