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True stories, Good hearted people.  ❤ you guys and thank you for contributing.  Knowing each of you is a blessing for us.


I was a different person when I came across Nola in 2014. After my father, and only loving parent passed away at 18 years old, I was then 20, soon to be 21… I found myself in a tunnel of fear with no idea how to get out of it.

I didn’t exactly identify with feeling fear and only looking back I can say that it  was fear that kept me still. Back then, I was more aware and nervous that I was absolutely lost. My life was pitch black water.

Just swim, the other fish told me. No, I can’t. Not until I know that where I’m going is up. Just Swim. The other fish told me. I tried to, but it was more so .. thrashing. For some reason, I couldn’t stick to swimming for long.

For some reason I couldn’t commit to the goals I would choose for myself, just to get out of the water. I could feel people getting frustrated with me, hell, I was frustrated with me. I had big dreams, so why on Earth, could I not ACT like it?

I didn’t move forward, I didn’t move back, I wasn’t social, I wasn’t thriving, and I hardly left the house. My chronic pain illness was the most activity I had as it cycled me in and out of the hospital, and I suppose I was hardly even surviving. I hated myself all for it.
I operated in a fantasy world, self neglecting, careless, and the personality I had was not who I used to be. I hated myself for that too. It seems I became a shell of a person I once was, with a personality I adopted in order to survive.

Clairvoyance and abilities to see beyond are on both sides of my family and I was in the middle of exploring the gift and stopped when I became tormented instead.

I gave up out of fear and that would have been the end of it if I hadn’t met Nola. Upon becoming friends she helped me discern the spirit world, She helped me trust myself intuitively once again, and she helped me help other people who needed guidance.

I thought I was reborn but that was just the beginning. When we became roommates, she told me that my pain illness was psychosomatic. I didn’t disregard it because its known that Sickle Cell Pain Crisis’s can be triggered by stress – I know that all too well as I practically lived in the hospital for a year after my dad passed away.

She told me that my swallowing of emotions was going into my bones and tainting my blood, Upon hearing that I searched up reports of illnesses being brought on by emotions. I come from a very hectic life where I grew to hardly cry about things, I never got the chance to, it was looked down on by the ones who took care of me as a kid.

I took that habit on in adulthood. Sometimes I have a hard time knowing I am feeling pain emotionally, anger, sadness and fear and it manifests through inaction or pain episodes.

I am truly lucky to have Nola by my side because I decided to take on the challenge of going into my past and exploring every moment of trauma, rejection, pain, fear, and disgust.

I embraced every moment I refused to before, and decided against detachment.

It was a miracle. It was like every experience of this exercise pulled a layer off of me, and I was to deal with another layer of my persona and inner world.

God it was tiring, it was exhausting, I felt like I was at war with myself and I couldn’t wait to get killed. Ah, sweet death was much better than sweating out and crying out my emotions. Things were more intense than deep psychotherapy.

But oh my god, sweet bliss arrived each time as I looked myself in the mirror, as I flipped through my journal and saw how I got bigger, better, stronger, neater, and sweeter.

My pain episodes reduced in pain and began to be less frequent.

In a weird way, even my limp gait began to balance. The more I did this, I too became transformed. My social anxiety dimmed down, my lover hunger manifested less in my diet that was otherwise indulgent.

I began to be more open and happily vulnerable even with strangers.  I explore the world passionately and without fear. I understood what it was it was like to be a woman and I no longer was wore down with the alternatives because I couldn’t get with the negative associations that came along with it.

Wow, I became happily feminine -let me be honest, I didn’t think that would ever happen. I also no longer consider myself a victim of experiencing my emotions, and upon taking responsibility for them, the quicker I knew myself, the quicker I could let myself be an artist, and the quicker I could let them go and no longer be tied to them.

But the best part about this, when I cleared up my soul wounds, I became more accurate in my giftings and I could sense others peoples emotions with less torturous agony (as in, it didn’t plague me like an emphatic prisoner in torture chambers.)

Healing myself improved myself as a witch, and it helped me soak in the presence with needed vulnerability, that I really couldn’t give it to before. A year later, I now consider myself reborn.  *JalenJoyce*


In the time I have known Nola, I can honestly say she is one of the most true, genuine and beautiful souls I have ever met.

We met through her ex, although we are opposites yet similar in alot of ways, the thing I admire most about Nola is the way she is forthright, honest and what you see is what you get. I initially did not understand some of her ways, I sometimes didn’t know how to interpret certain things she said, but I have learnt that I can approach her and ask her straight up and she will always give me an honest answer.

She is extremely intuitive and has a huge heart. She has said things to me many times to provoke my thoughts and question things in my life to make them better. Like friends and even sisters we have had our misunderstandings and she has shown kindness in forgiveness and even prayer. I love that about her, it’s magical.

I believe she is a rare beauty, a gift that should be treasured and can be trusted. She is loyal and compassionate. One of the smartest people I know. She is gifted and talented, and most of all she is strong and stealthy. Extremely resilient even after all she has had to endure in her life. I love the way she is a fighter, a true inspiration.

I think you would have to be absolutely bonkers if you ever let her go. She is an asskicking ( she wants to kick my ass….)free spirted, stunningly beautiful woman. Thanks for always listening to me dear, and never judging me xxxx

Shina Francis




“I met Nola when I was a wild fifteen year old lad raising hell in a retired magicians chat.  She adopted me as my American mum.  She made me feel loved and accepted for the first time in my life aside from a girlfriend who actually dumped me because she was jealous I talked to this American woman so much.  My parents gave me presents and everything I could want but when she learnt I had never had homemade cookies,  The crazy woman spent a mint sending me a massive tin of them for Christmas that year.

She listened.  I was on a bad path full of rage and I had fits and broke things.  I shoplifted, got into fights and was doing drugs and drink.  She never judged me.  Just was there for me.   Today I am married and a father, successful doing work as a security expert instead of the criminal I was planning to be.  Her love and patience helped tons”   Ben J Bale


I find it incredible how little time has passed and how deep we’ve explored, it’s been what – 10 days? I feel much lighter, almost purged clean.

Alexandera D.



I know both of these women as healers and now friends because we did not want to give each other up and their strength and triumph over adversity leaves me speechless and gives me chills. I don’t know what else to say. It inspires me so thoroughly… it shows me how much beauty there really is in the world, how someone can rise out of hell and create genuine beauty and give genuine love, and help others just because it feels good. It’s truly astounding.

Erica X



“Working with JalenJoyce and Nola has helped me out so much throughout the challenges in my life that effected me emotionally/spiritually. I was honestly hesitant about the process of working through any issues of mine as I am a private person, but I kept an open mind.

It is pretty shocking to allow people into your life that you don’t know, only to discover that they are easily able to connect with you and understand you entirely. There is so much positivity that I’ve gained through the work we’ve done together and I’ve really grown to trust their vision in various areas of my life. Their guidance has helped me more than I can put into words. I’m so glad that I’ve decided to start a healing journey with them and I look forward to continuing our work together”

~Ashley Rose Douglas




Nolas’s amazing intuitiveness and her kindness, the healing powers she possesses (I rarely say this about anyone) are among my most cherished blessings in life. It doesn’t feel like I haven’t met her in person. It never has.

She has reached out to so many people, and she has been such a positive influence in their lives. So much of what she has done, and decidedly without any expectation of return, has been thankless.

In fact, even in private, I am always trying to get her to not be so goddamn fucking compassionate because not everyone fucking deserves it. But, she is just this big-hearted woman who amazes me so even in reaching out to people who have hurt her, forgiving them and more. Again, I tell her not to be this forgiving.

Thank you for that heartfelt and moving letter you addressed to my inner child. I read it every day. It heals me daily. The rabbis you quoted are right about the power of words. Yours have helped me beyond imagination. Your wisdom is expansive and unconditional, and I’ve learnt much from it. Life would not have been the same without you guys.

The wisdom, compassion and insights has been so invaluable. you have laughed and cried with me; you have infused me with dreams i was too hurt to dream; you have been so instrumental in my healing all year. i can never thank you enough. we really need a good ol’ cake and champagne session asap. ❤ you :).

It’s been wonderful witnessing so much..its overwhelming but heartwarming. I truly wish that every woman develops the kinds of friendship we have here. It’s very rare for me to have female friends, but then i have found these ladies, and we have this immensely powerful bond that defies definition.  I love it. Thank you for sharing in my tears, losses and triumphs.

p.s. all of us have been prophetic as fuck all this time. I love how intuitive and perceptive we are. ❤ it’s wonderful to function as women who are as in touch with our instincts as we are. 🙂

C.O also known as Boss lady.



Helped me get the courage to stop hiding behind my fears and doubts and build my own fashion career.  I am so thankful for the friendship and love.

~Tina G. Harper


I met this crazy woman in a chat one drunk, lonely night.  She lectured me for hitting on her while living in a bad marriage.  We started a conversation about my love for my wife Marla.  How we met and why we stopped being a couple.  She got me to read this chick book telling me how its gonna heal my marriage.  To stop being an asshole and before I knew it I was taking steps I should have months ago to get my bride back in my arms where she belonged.  Thank you.    Bob C.

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